Creyoga                       Glowfulness


If  you prefer classes at other times/ in other styles will you please let us now?  For a minimum of 6 people we will schedule a new class.

Ooievaars pass holders 50 % reduction with a maximum of € 160 per year

 Private classes, Acaciastraat 142, or at your home

 € 60 per 1,5 hour

Sint Albaanskerk (gathering room),                                             Rietzangerlaan 2a, 2566SV, The  Hague


9.30-11.00 Hatha yoga  

11.15-12.30 Hatha yoga  

An afternoon or evening class is in planning.

 Before the beginning and after the end of each class, we will keep silence in the studio to give opportunity for relaxation in savasana or meditation.

1,5 hour: average € 44 per month (we count the given classes per month)  During school holidays we have no classes except for July. When you are on holiday in July the weeks you miss won't be counted. 

Koorenhuis Prinsegracht 27, The Hague


10.00-11.25 Egyptian dance/ belly dance  advanced, 12 x, start 10-3-18, € 132 ( 10/3, 17/3, 24/3, 7/4, 14/4, 21/4, 28/4, 26/5, 2/6, 9/6, 23/6 and 30/6

11.30-13.15 Egyptian dance/ belly dance  advanced, 8 x, start 10-3-18, € 90,  (10/3, 17/3, 7/4, 14/4, 26/5, 9/6, 23/6 and 30/6). 

12.30-16.30 First and third year training Tarab in Egyptian dance

Sunday: 11.00-15.00 Second year training Tarab in Egyptian dance

 You can catch up missed classes in another course, within the period of your course of registration. To catch up a class or workshop in another workshop, or catching a regular class up in the Tarabtraining is not possible. You can change a workshop in another workshop up to one week before the workshop date.